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Nature Stock Shots provides nature stock footage film, video, and photographs. Top nature cinematographers have captured more than 400 hours of stock footage in North and South America, Kamchatka, and Bering Island, some of it never before photographed. 

Film and Video stock footage covers Amazon rainforest, birds, animals, plants, people, and scenery.  The Pantanal stock footage collection features the animals, birds and gauchos of the seasonally flooded grasslands in southern Brazil.  Another large stock footage collection features the birds and animals of the North American plains, and the Rocky Mountain region.  A spectacular new stock footage collection features film and photos of the exquisite and intricate mating and rearing behaviors of Wood Storks, Brown Pelicans, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Flamingos, Anhinga, Cattle Egrets,  Sandhill Cranes, and Sage Grouse.

Stock footage library of nature, animals, birds, insects, scenery, the rainforest, the Amazon, and North American Wildlife.

bulletFilm stock footage of nature, animals, birds, insects, scenery, the rainforest, the Amazon, Kamchatka, Siberia, and North American Wildlife.
bulletAmazon Film
bulletSpectacular Nature
bulletVideo stock footage of nature, animals, birds, insects, scenery, the rainforest, the Amazon, Kamchatka, and North American wildlife.
bulletRocky Mountain
bulletAmazon Video
bulletBird photos
bulletWood Storks
bulletWood Stork 1
bulletWood Stork 2
bulletWood Stork 3
bulletWood Stork chicks 2
bulletWood Stork chick 3
bulletWood Stork chick 4
bulletWoodstork chick 5
bulletWood Stork chick 6
bulletWood Stork chick 7
bulletWood Stork chick 8
bulletWood Stork chick 9
bulletWood Stork chick 10
bulletSage Grouse
bulletGroup 1
bulletHead CU 1
bulletHead CU 2
bulletMating 1
bulletMating 2
bulletMating 3
bulletSide Portrait 1
bulletGreat Blue Heron
bulletPreening 1
bulletChicks 1
bulletOil Gland
bulletMating 1
bulletHunting 1
bulletHunting CU 1
bulletHunting CU 2
bulletNest greeting
bulletGreat Egret
bulletFeather Display
bulletGreat Egret CU 1
bulletMating 1
bulletSide view 1
bulletChicks, 8 weeks
bulletFeeding chicks
bulletWith chick
bulletHead CU 1
bulletFlock 1
bulletFlock 2
bulletFlying 1
bulletChick, nest, egg
bulletFemale with egg
bulletNest group 1
bulletNest group 2
bulletNursery group 1
bulletNursery group 2
bulletOn nest 1
bulletOn nest 2
bulletSwimming 1
bulletSandhill Crane
bulletIn river
bulletTake off 1
bulletFlying 2
bulletSunset 1
bulletSunset 2
bulletSandhill call on nest
bulletSandhill male
bulletFemale, full
bulletFemale head CU
bulletFemale curved neck
bulletMale head, CU
bulletChick and egg
bulletChick, egg, female
bulletChick yawn
bulletChick, egg. nest
bulletFemale bites chick beak
bulletSnowy Egret
bulletWalking 1
bulletLittle Blue Heron
bulletThree standing
bulletLittle Blue Heron in Breeding Plumage
bulletWalking 1
bulletImmature CU 1
bulletTricolored Heron
bulletStanding 1
bulletTricolored Heron plumage display
bulletTricolored Heron mating Plumage
bulletCattle Egret
bulletStanding 1
bulletStanding 2
bulletMother with egg
bulletBrown Pelican
bulletBeak extrusion 1
bulletBeak extrusion 2
bulletBeak open 1
bulletMating 1
bulletMating 2
bulletNest greeting 1
bulletSide  beak view
bulletSide head view
bulletSide portrait 1
bulletChick sleeping, 10 wk.
bulletChick, 8 wk.
bulletChicks fighting, 10 wk
bulletChicks, 10 wk, fighting immature
bulletChicks, 8 wk.
bulletChicks begging, 8 wk.
bulletChicks sleeping, 8 wk.
bulletHead bowing and turning
bulletImmature, head full
bulletImmature, head and shoulder
bulletImmature side full
bulletIncubating 1
bulletNeck grab 1
bulletNest battle 1
bulletNew chicks and parent
bulletNew chicks eating 1
bulletStick on back 1
bulletWhite Pelican
bulletWhite Pelicans, sandbar
bulletGreen Heron
bulletGreen Heron hunting 1
bulletGreen Heron hunting 2
bulletWhite Ibis
bulletWhite Ibis at shoreline
bulletCanon J18 lens
bulletMatte Box, 4 x 4
bulletMatte box, 3 x 3
bulletSony BetaCam 400
bulletStingray Underwater Housing
bulletSite Contents
bulletContact Us

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