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Tambopata, 170 shots

The Tambopata stock footage film database was all filmed on the Tambopata river in Amazonian Peru. One of the world's largest Macaw "licks" draws hundreds of Macaws and parrots each day. A research center nearby raises young macaws and releases them into the forest to join the wild macaws. The shots include macaws and parrots at the lick, raising macaws, the researchers, WCI conservationist, Charles Munn, jungle river scenic time-lapses, stedicam forest traverses, nest boxes, and tree climbing. All shots originated in Super 16mm film.

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Shot Subject Action Type Quality TC in
T2 Aerial

 Aerial Amazon farms

WS   1:02:44 AM
T1 Aerial

 Aerial Amazon from plane

WS   1:00:40 AM
T3 Aerial

 Aerial Closer

WS   1:03:29 AM
T4 Aerial

 Landing POV

MS   1:04:20 AM
T7 Boa, Rainbow


MCU E 2:05:00 AM
T6 Boa, Rainbow

 pull of snake

MCU E 2:03:58 AM
T5 Boa, Rainbow

 Rainbow Boa's head

CU G 2:01:23 AM
T8 Boa, Rainbow

 tail leaves frame

CU G 2:05:53 AM
T9 Frogs

 Frog set

MS   10:05:30 AM
T10 Guan, White-piping

 Piping Guans on lick

Pan   2:17:09 AM
T11 Guan, White-piping

 Two-shot, P. Guans

MS   2:17:36 AM
T12 Jaime

 Jaime goes over side

WS   5:10:00 AM
T13 Lodge, raining

 Rain shots

MS   6:00:00 AM
T15 Lodge, Tambopata

 lodge, flat light

WS   5:29:38 AM
T14 Lodge, Tambopata

 lodge, sun

WS   5:22:25 AM
T16 Lodge, Tambopata

 Rain shots

MS   5:29:57 AM
T32 Macaw Lick

 3 fly in, group lands

MWS E 3:16:33 AM
T39 Macaw Lick

 big fly off

MWS   5:06:58 AM
T38 Macaw Lick

 birds land, sun, slo-mo fly thru frame

MWS VG 5:02:15 AM
T40 Macaw Lick

 cuts with above

WS   5:07:16 AM
T29 Macaw Lick

 fly off

MWS G 3:10:05 AM
T36 Macaw Lick

 fly off, slo-mo

CU VG 5:00:52 AM
T20 Macaw Lick

 group lands at lick

MWS   3:01:23 AM
T34 Macaw Lick

 medium fly off, sun

WS   4:32:07 AM
T30 Macaw Lick

 pair flies in & out of frame

WS   3:11:55 AM
T26 Macaw Lick

 slo-mo land

CU E 3:03:30 AM
T18 Macaw Lick

 Slo-mo landing

MS G 2:10:13 AM
T17 Macaw Lick

 Slo-mo landing, mini fly off

MS G 2:09:46 AM
T35 Macaw Lick

 slo-mo Scarlet landing, exits frame

CU E 4:33:10 AM
T31 Macaw Lick

 slo-mo, 2 scarlets almost land

MS E 3:15:45 AM
T25 Macaw Lick

 slo-mo, cut with above

WS G 3:03:15 AM
T37 Macaw Lick

 slo-mo, fly in, fly off

WS VG 5:01:05 AM
T22 Macaw Lick

 slo-mo, group flies in

MS G 3:02:05 AM
T24 Macaw Lick

 slo-mo, group floats over lick

MWS E 3:02:53 AM
T21 Macaw Lick

 slo-mo, group fly off

CU G 3:01:37 AM

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