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Nature Stock Shots


Stock Footage Library of Nature and Wildlife

Nature Stock Shots is a nature stock footage library of film, video, and photographs. Top nature cinematographers have captured more than 400 hours of stock footage in North and South America, Kamchatka, and Bering Island, some of it never before photographed. 

Film and Video stock footage covers Amazon rainforest, birds, animals, plants, people, and scenery.  The Pantanal stock footage collection features the animals, birds and gauchos of the seasonally flooded grasslands in southern Brazil.  Another large stock footage collection features the birds and animals of the North American plains, and the Rocky Mountain region.  A spectacular new stock footage collection features film and photos of the exquisite and intricate mating and rearing behaviors of Flamingos, Wood Storks, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Anhinga, Sandhill Cranes, and Sage Grouse.

These stock footage shots are indexed in Excel databases, with more than 13,000 entries. The database is not on-line, and presently there are no video images or play-back.


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Request a copy of the database on CD or by e-mail, through Contact Us.

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